The Bükkös Hotel**** & Spa in Szentendre

The 4-star Wellness Hotel closest to Budapest in the Danube bend

Due to Covid-19 Jacuzzi is closed

We are not just a Wellness Hotel, but the more elegant and atmospheric Spa Hotel, the Bükkös Hotel****& Spa in Szentendre. The services of the hotel represent wellness experiences in a more exclusive way in the Spa centre. Opening hours: 09:00-21:00, only available to hotel guests.Spa

The Spa is available every day, complimentary for our hotel guests. 

  • The traditional finnish sauna dominates the Spa centre. We garnish the detoxifying, invigorating, and metabolic benefits of regular sauna with regular sauna ceremonies, where you can learn about particular sauna infusions during an entertaining program.

Finn szauna

  • The additional sauna provides further recreational experiences
  • You can continue to enjoy the wellness feeling through the glass walls of the infrared cabin, when you sit in it. The detoxificating, cell regenerating and fat-burning properties of the infrared cabin perfectly operate.

Infra szauna

  • The steam room cleans the skin with the power of the steam, and sweats out toxins from the organism!
  • The ice corner serves to get cold again after the hot sauna and steam. It stimulates the blood circulation and tightens the skin's pores: closing them after detoxification. The skin is refreshed, and more elastic. And in turn you feel again like having done something for your health: you feel refreshed, like reborn.
  • In the middle of the Spa the  embedded jacuzzi for up to 10 people provides a specific mood for the whole spa. While relaxing in the water or reposing on comfortable deckchairs next to the jacuzzi, you can release the stress of everyday life. Just enjoy the stroking hot water!


  • The Spa massages refresh not only the whole body, but your soul as well, and during quiet indulgence you have the possibility for relaxation or meditation, too. After massage you will feel revived, and nothing can hinder you from accepting new challenges! Take a look for more information about our Spa centre massage services, and choose from our offers!


  • In the Beauty Salon of the Bükkös Hotel**** & Spa we use the famous Janssen Cosmetics products, where the cosmetic skin care is completed by the XXI. century technology in medicine. Their products are a combination of mostly natural-based and to a lesser extent of pharmaceutical and therapeutic components. All of these products cares for the skin by keeping its natural balance. The beauty services are available for an appointment in advance and for extra fee. Take a look for more information about our Spa centre Beauty Salon services, and choose from our offers!
  • The Spa center is open to guests aged 12 and above only. No entry for guests below 12 years of age. Between the ages og 12-14 adult supervison is required.

Preview of our treatments:       
Lunch-time treatments 

          Content: Facial cleaning, peeling, ultrasonic+ampoule, massage. Quick spectacular face care, treatment
          rich in active ingredients, which gives back the splendour to your skin in a short time. We recommend this
          treatment for women as well as for men. 

Beauty Salon

Exclusive treatment programs (60 minutes) 

         Content: Facial cleaning, peeling, ultrasonic+ampoule, dékolleté massage, facial cremes, eye care.
         You can choose from moisturising, sensitive, rejuvenescent anti-wrinkle collagen and oxygen cell regenerative treatments.

  • Extra cosmetic treatments with special face masks
  • Facial cremes
  • Treatments with facial cleaning
  • Beauty massages
  • Electro cosmetic
  • Other treatments
  • Hair removal, bleaching
  • Daytime makeup

Ask for more information about our rooms, the Spa centre wellness services, and choose from our offers!

3D tour
3D tour
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H-2000 Szentendre
Bükkös part 16.
Only 5 km from Budapest

Tel.: +36-26-501-360
Fax: +36-26-501-365