If you are looking for an event location, we provide you with an elegant solution

  • If you need an exclusive conference room for your events, where you can in private run a business meeting, a training, or a strategic discussion,
  • If you prefer to arrange for more people (even up to 35 people) a fantastic menu bar in a particular restaurant in Szentendre,
  • or to surprise all of your guests with a tasty grill dinner, and a relaxing wellness experience,
  • or maybe you plan a hilarious party for your colleagues, friends or family
…then request a quote here, now!

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Our conference room is suitable for up to about 25 people, but we are happy to offer you exclusive solutions for your specific needs:
even with the separation of our restaurant!

We give a home to your event plans. You can count on our conference room, our cozy restaurant, and our friendly staff, who are ready for action!


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